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Logistics integrated information management system

Transportation management Cargo trackingData queryPaperless office System integrationStatistical analysis

Login Directions 1、Only used by the staff of HOTOHO; VIP and customers please do not try;
2、once login, operator can manage the process of transportation and warehouse business and inquire plenty of data and statistical analysis;
3、Successful login must have the support of IE6-version-above browser and JAVA, and must open ICP/IP 8090 port.

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Office Automation (OA) System (new)

Nationwide paperless office High-efficiency cooperation Support for mobile devicesKnowledge societyGroup decentralized managementMulti plug-in and business integration

Login Directions 1、 Only used by the staff of HOTOHO; VIP and customers please do not try;
2、After log in, all kinds of form process can be initiated, collaborative office, process approval, file upload and access, report query and statistics, planning and task management, scheduling, etc..
3、Login must be above IE6 browser, login to download the plug-in, it is recommended to use the Firefox browser and mobile app downloads and login please IT consulting engineer.

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