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HOTOHO Honored with “the 2014 OTIS Best Elevator Supplier”

Classification :Company News   Published: 2015-12-08  

On May 7th, Mrs. Liu QiuHong, the top manager of HOTOHO Logistics Company, and Mrs. Li Hui, the manager of customer service center, were invited to attend the 2015 Otis HangZhou-factory elevator supplier meeting, where the main theme was the supplier service quality strategy. On this meeting, HOTOHO was honored with “the 2014 best supplier”, which represented the satisfying performance provided by HOTOHO in 2014.

HOTOHO Logistics Company has 19-year management experience in elevator supply chain service, and now provides many famous elevator company with transportationwarehousingpacking and assembling service.

HOTOHO has a long cooperation history with OTIS since 2000, beginning with providing professional logistics designs. The first step was in 2001 that HOTOHO succeeded in designing a specialized elevator and escalator warehouse, where OTIS can promote its loading and unloading efficiency by 4 times and decrease its stocking cost by 40%. Furthermore, the packing cost was decreased by 20% through optimizing OTIS packing process. It should be mentioned that daily distribution is another logistics service which was designed to match the zero stock strategy. After 2007, HOTOHO took part in OTIS business integration, and provided professional transportation service for the North Area, the Southeast Area and the South Area.

Now, HOTOHO has become one of the most influential logistics brands in China. The core value of our company is to provide effective and efficiency services to meet various customer requirements. This forces HOTOHO to pursue a continuously improvement, which leads to the result that we can always promote a more suitable and specialized design for each customer.