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Hand in hand, love in love.

Classification :Company News   Published: 2015-12-08  

 On the night of June 10th, a bad news suddenly came to Xuanhuan, Wei, a dispatcher of ZhongShan HTOTOHO Logistics Company. His wife was severely injured in a car accident on her way home and diagnosed as cerebral concussion and hemorrhage. The terrible situation struck him badly. When considering his injured wife, his little baby and the high-cost medical fee, this strong man was even at a loss what to do.

 This grievous news was soon heard by Mrs. Liu, the top manager of HOTOHO Logistics Company. Although she was in busy dealing with business affairs, Mrs. Liu paid a great attention and told Mr. Feng, the manager of ZhongShan HTOTOHO Logistics Company, to act as her representative immediately. Mr. Feng came to Wei’s house and gave him 5000 to help him overcome the difficulty. Wei was deeply moved by the help and was decided to work harder to repay the company.

  Meanwhile, many colleagues contributed to helping Wei. The vice general manager of HOTOHO, Mr. Xiang made his own effort to help Wei as well. He concerned on patient’s health condition and constantly told branch to spare no effort to help the difficult employees. Mr. Feng helped to take care of Wei’s little child so that Wei can spend more time on his wife. Other colleagues often went to hospital to see him after work.

 “All the colleagues around me, whether the boss or the cleaner, they taught me a lot. During my working period here, from the first step I stepped into my office until we behavior as a family, I can always find shining advantages from them. We help each other, dare to take the responsibility, regardless of personal loss and even share our happiness and sadness. This makes me feel at home and I really appreciate it,

“One of HOTOHO’s values is to make employees feel at home. Colleagues make efforts and step forward together. We are not fear to difficulties because we know we are not alone. The power of collective brings us courage and confidence,

“I feel grateful to have this decent job at HOTOHO and feel pride of being a member of this family. HOTOHO provides me a second chance to achieve my value. It is a wonderful platform for me to perform my talents,” said Wei.

It is said that “the greatest virtue in the world is requiting, not acquiring.” Thereby when we work in a job, we should have a grateful heart in daily working, not only for our company, but also for our own heart.