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One of the major development strategies of HOTOHO is to establish logistics bases. In order to synchronize with the growing market demand and coordinate corporate business development, HOTOHO has built large-scale logistics bases since 2004 in Zhongshan, Yangzhou, and Yancheng.
Established in February 2004 upon the approval of Zhongshan Municipality, Zhongshan HOTOHO Logistics and Distribution Center was a large key government-supported project of trade and logistics. It developed into a comprehensive logistics park integrating transportation, distribution, commerce and trade, finance, parking, catering, and tourism.

Location Aadvantages

Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, the park which was founded with a total investment of RMB 70 million lies beside the Changhuan Section of 105# National Highway, South Subdistrict, Zhongshan City, only a five minute drive from the heart of the city. North of Zhuhai and south of Foshan and Guangzhou, it truly is a transportation hub.


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